About Us

Webster's New World Dictionary defines bistro as: bis.tro (bis´trô) n. [Fr.] a small café

Better yet, Patricia Wells from her book Bistro Cooking speaks of a bistro:"Where ever its origins, everyone agrees that whether it's a café, a small unpretentious restaurant, or simply a place to enjoy a glass of wine and a simple yet hearty sandwich, a bistro is a place for good times with friends." We want Sophie's to be a place where one could have a good, hearty meal (comfort food), simple and unpretentious, at a fair price. Our goal is to produce an atmosphere where people can come for lunch, a full dinner, a late snack, a glass of wine or a big cup of coffee and feel comfortable and at home. Our menu is diverse enough for everyone, yet simple enough so the average person will not get overwhelmed with numerous menu choices and complications. Our basic premise is to provide quality food and good service at a fair price in an unpretentious atmosphere. The décor is modeled after classic French Bistros. French country antiques, large open shuttered windows, dark woods, soft pastel colors and walls covered with family pictures make Sophie's an intimate cozy environment